Yucky Yukon Drivers

My HTPC complained of low memory, which was quite alarming since it wasn’t doing much at the time. Checking task manager, there was a rundll32.exe using up 300MB of memory. Uh oh, I thought. Using Sysinternal’s ProcessMonitor, I found that this was the running process:

RUNDLL32.EXE ykx32mpcoinst,serviceStartProc

A google search found it was part of the Marvell Yukon gigabit ethernet drivers. My desktop PC also has the same network chipset and indeed, it also had a rundll32.exe, this one only using a miserly 90MB.

I’d recently upgraded the network drivers on both machines to try resolve a LAN issue for which the router ended up being the cause. I was running v10.64.2.3 drivers. Obviously they are broke! I’ve gone back to the older drivers I’d been running ( and the resource guzzling rundll32.exe is gone.

Guess the fact that the newer driver depends on a persistent rundll32 (HACK) should give away how sloppy the newer drivers are.