ION PC Update

The ION 330 HTPC I put together at the beginning of the year is going quite well. Here are some follow up items of interest on it.

Remote Control

I had a DVICO IR receiver that had come with one of my previous HTPC’s tuner cards. I found that the open source software EventGhost works quite well with it.

For my remote to be reliable I found it best to run the HID plugin for the DVICO receiver in raw mode, and only used “initial button press” events.

NVIDIA ION driver leak

I was bemused to find a process was using over 50000 handles after only a few days uptime! It ended up being an NVIDIA component used for stereoscopic 3D display, nvSCPAPISvr.exe. This page has a good tear down of the problem. Its probably fixed but I just set the “NVIDIA Stereoscopic 3D Driver Service” to “Manual” start, what a waste running something so specialised on every install.


I initially connected the ION to my tele using VGA and a separate audio cable. I upgraded to a HDMI cable and its worked great for both sound and picture. There is a slight delay in audio starting so short sounds in explorer get missed but this isn’t a problem at all once in ZoomPlayer.