Apache’s transfer speeds

Being away from home, I’m downloading programmes recorded by the HTPC over the internet. I set up a batch file that uses WGET to retrieve the compressed WMVs that get created from recorded programmes. Its the same Apache server thats serving this blog.

Even though my uplink is 256kb (30KB), I’m very disappointed to only get about 12KB/s using wget. I’ve also tried direct downloads in Firefox, same thing.

If I use PHP File Manager instead though, I achieve 26KB per second. Unfortunately I cant automate this method easily.

So it seems Apache is being very conservative with its use of the link.

I thought it might have something to do with the long latency from Korea to Australia (nearly 400ms) so I tried increasing the receive window size, right up to 87600. This is supposed to reduce the frequency of ACKs and improve things over a high latency link. Didn’t help.

I’m guessing that Apache is doing some kind of connection load balancing which is annoying. Might be interacting with Windows XP’s QoS packet scheduler. Dont want to mess with that remotely at this stage; some connectivity is better than none… if I kill the network interface,

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