History Repeats – Another “Internal Mouse”

Another mouse was spotted running around the living area (we’re sure he got in through the garage). He disappeared during our search. I noted the downstairs HTPC (old PIII) had one open slot cover, but it was quite high up. A cursory shake and look inside revealed nothing so I just taped it up. All was quiet that evening.

Next morning, we heard a feverish scratching inside the machine. We brought the box outside. We noticed some fur next to the front bezel cavity hole. After some good shaking and prodding, the furry victim fell out and scurried into the wilderness.

The Pentium mousetrap had done it again.

Internal Mouse for the Pentium III system

Yes, you read the title right.

A mouse got into our house a few days ago and was terrorising my wife for a couple of nights. Wednesday night we cornered it in a storage closet and erected a barricade around so I could venture inside and attempt to deal with it. After an hour of painstakingly removing and checking items from the closet, we were down to a box full of light bulbs wrapped in paper. As I was most of the way removing and checking the bulbs, the mouse jumped out and in the resulting melee, exploited a weakness in our barricade and disappeared into the lounge area where he’d been hiding on previous nights.

After moving all the furniture and cabinets (again), there was no sign of the rodent. I have a PIII media PC set up there and noted some of the PCI slots didn’t have covers. I unplugged it, popped the side cover off, and fairly violently gave it a shake and a few hits to the side. Nothing in there it seemed.

Then my wife pointed the torch inside the case. Lo and behold, cowering between the top of the ATX power supply and the case, was our furry fiend. He’d had no qualms slipping through the PCI slots into a running PC to hide from us. We suspect he’d used the PC on our previous nights attempt as well.

Whilst he was still stunned, we quickly sealed the slot covers and case and carried him outside in his new Pentium based mouse trap. Out at the back fence, at 2 something AM in the morning, there I was with a PC chassis, trying to pry the mouse out. He’d moved to the front cavity of the case by then.

With a scurry over the Northbridge and a jump over the SoundBlaster Ekiga, he exitted the case into the bushlands behind our house. A quick disinfective wipedown of the PC and its now working fine.

Cant help but think that things could have become very ugly if the mouse had decided to relieve itself in the running system.