Explorer bug for shares inside shares

I’ve bought a WD 1TB SATA drive and installed it in an external Welland ME740T case. The case supports connection to firewire, USB2 and eSATA connections. I’ve got it hanging off the HTPC via USB2 and its been working well.

The HTPC shares the drive to my local LAN. A top level share gives me full access to the drive (read/write). Lower level shares are read only, making it slightly safer to access the drive when installing software etc. without inadvertantly creating/deleting files on it.

Unfortuantely doing this has exposed a bug in Explorer under XP. If you are using a top level share to modify a folder that has been shared at a level within the share you are using to access it, then changes made do not update in explorer unless you force a refresh.

The issue is known and apparently there is a hotfix for XP SP3 which I will try soon. And here was I thinking it was because of all the services I’d disabled 🙂

[Edit] MS emailed me a link to the patch, unfortunately the patch did not install under XPSP3, saying that I already had a newer version. Sigh.