Firefox 35 Custom High Contrast Fix

As I wrote in my last post, I’ve been compiling custom XUL.DLLs for a number of Firefox releases to get around the ridiculous restriction that if you are running Windows in High Contrast mode, then ALL WEB PAGES WILL BE DISPLAYED IN HIGH CONTRAST MODE,  making the “Allow pages to choose their own colors” check box broken and useless. Honestly who thought this was a good idea, clearly not a visually disabled person! What would have been wrong with detecting HC mode, asking and turning OFF the “allow pages to choose…” option, with a way to stop it asking? Or a least the current arrangement with a power user string to disable it.

After some futzing I found my custom compilation/fix only works if XUL.DLL and MOZJS.DLL from the custom build (of the Firefox 35 release source code) are copied, a little strange as I am using Visual Studio 2013 which is used for the Win32 releases now, but probably due to a different config.

In following up fixes to this issue, I found Firefox 37 has fixed it using a 3 way option picker. I would have stuck with the nightly release but the Custom Colors toolbar button that I use to toggle colors isn’t compatible with the new setup. That’ll need to be fixed by the time 37 is released.