Seagate 500GB drive troubles and crashing flash utility

Well, looks like the 2 500GB drives I bought for my new PC have both got lemon firmware on them. I’d already removed one of them from my system and put it into a spare Dell server I have here to diagnose silly “seek” sounds it would make with nothing accessing it.

So I was interested when I read about Seagate’s firmware fixes.

Unfortunately, the flash utility barfs trying to update either of my drives on 2 different systems.

The firmware update I got from Seagate called itself:

MooseDT-32MB-SD1A.ISO The CD it made boots OK and the flash updater loads. I can use the “S” key to scan my drives and I get:

Model ST3500320AS
S/N   5QM331TJ
F/W   SD15
Ctrl  Intel IHC7

However when I press “D” to perform the update, I get a fault:

Exiting due to signal SIGSEGV
Page fault at ieip=00006683, error=0004
… register dump …

followed by the text:

Error specific model not found. ST3500320AS expected


I emailed Seagate about it and will be surprised if they actually answer.