Swapped Parhelia video card back in

I was getting a crash starting Premiere (some internal quicktime module) and reinstalling it didn’t fix it, so I rolled back to an early image of my system and reinstalled the NVidia drivers. The good news was that Premiere now started but I’d lost access to the QuickZoom feature, which I really need sometimes. It seems it uses the keystone feature but the software no longer enabled that after the reinstall.

Reading on the nvidia forums, its a problem others have and moreover, it explained why my system went so juddery after using the zoom feature – keystone.exe doesn’t unload once loaded. I decided to give up on the NVidia and reinstalled the matrox card. Wow, now I realise what a great 2D card the Matrox is. Smooth, and runs cool.

So I’ve lost my Compiz Fusion cube under linux but as a consolation, the latest 1.4.6 Matrox linux drivers installed without a hitch on the latest kernel.