Telephone Switcher

Component side

Soldering SideWhen I travel I thought it’d be good to have a way to remotely reset/reboot the HTPC and the ADSL router. The HTPC is on a UPS but the router isn’t, which probably explains why the router’s locked up a couple of times after the lights have flickered here. Living on a site with houses still being constructed, who knows what can happen.

I bought and built the K140 telephone switcher kit from

You connect it to a standard phone outlet and it lets you dial into it and turn relays on and off using simple commands on your phone keypad. I’ve connected one relay accoss the power button of the HTPC, rather than the reset switch. This lets me switch it completely off and on again (which might be useful if we have a long power failure while I’m away).

Switcher in use

I’ve now got the second relay in series with the low voltage side of the router’s power brick (using the normally closed relay contact) so I can also power cycle the router if it becomes non responsive. With it now on the UPS, hopefully this wont be needed very often 🙂