VMWare under Fedora FC8 + CCRMA Realtime Kernel

Getting VMWare running under a realtime kernel:

Ensure you have gcc and gcc-c++ installed.

Download VMWare player from VMWare’s site. I downloaded ‘VMware-player-2.0.2-59824.i386.rpm’.

From here download the patch  http://rtr.ca/vmware-2.6.24/vmware-any-any-update115a.tgz

# yum install  VMware-player-2.0.2-59824.i386.rpm

Extract the any-any patch and run it.  It will prompt to run the configuration script. All the defaults worked for me and a link got created for vmplayer in the Applications->System Tools menu.

I was running the VM off an NTFS mount. To get it to allocate memory properly, I had to add this setting to the vmx file: