WebScheduler and Windows 7 x64

Having achieved good video playback on my new ION 330 HTPC, the next step was to get WebScheduler running. Being a 32 bit app that had to work with 64 bit BDA drivers for the TV tuner cards, I was concerned about it all working properly.

I started with WebScheduler 4.0.14, the last “free” version before it had gone commercial a few years back. This version has served me well under XP32. It installed without a hitch and ran fine, the only glitch I noticed was that the taskbar icon didn’t reflect when WebScheduler was recording.

It recorded files fine and I left it running about a week while I worked on other stuff. It wasn’t until the weekend that I discovered that the recordings it had made were unplayable!

I determined the recordings were not total trash, just Haali Media Splitter didn’t want to know about them. Using the Gabest splitter or ProjectX to demux them both worked.

So it seemed something was different between the files recorded under XP32 and Win7 x64, both done with the same version of WebScheduler and the kWorld USB Dual DTV Tuner stick capture hardware.

Having determined I was on the latest driver for the KWorld tuner, I was resigned to having to try Win7 x86, but before I did, I thought I’d try the latest version of WebScheduler as it had become open source again. Its now known as TV Scheduler Pro, by Blue Bit Software.

To my total delight, the recordings came good. I was able to export and reimport my schedule match lists between the 2 versions, which happily co-existed on the same machine for a while while I transitioned. The new version has some nice new features and I’m glad its recording properly under the new operating system.

So now recording and playback is in place on the new HTPC.