What does that button do?

I bought a new computer system here in Korea and got a basic keyboard with it, a standard 104 key thing with a few extra buttons which I’d assumed were multimedia buttons. The keyboard did not come with any software and when I pressed the buttons, I was quite surprised to see Korean web sites pop up, which of course tried to install ActiveX plugins (this place lives on ActiveX, but thats another story).


The pages opened even in a fresh OS install VM, so I knew it wasn’t any driver doing it. Closer scrutiny has shown whats happening.

The keys are hard-coded to send “Windows-R” (opens the Run dialog box) followed by some URLs which are basically typed in by the keyboard.

No idea if the keys are reprogrammable; it would involve the keyboard reflashing itself and given their labels, I kind of doubt it.

The URLs of the keys are:

www.sky-lotto.com, www.weminplus.com, www.gazone.co.kr and www.hozone.co.kr

which redirect (probably to the highest bidder).

Glad I’d set up firefox as my default browser before pressing those keys.

Was thinking I could make them go somewhere useful using my host file but I discovered that the keyboard’s timing is a bit quick when I have a lot of VM stuff going on and sometimes the Run dialog hasn’t opened before it sends the other keys, leading to a lot of beeping.